Our Project Process


First of all, we try to understand your Project. By this way, we identify the goals and objectives you need. These questions are the main characteristics of our business process which are related to different areas such as the status of your business, target group, examination and review of the current system, determination of problems, evaluation of design and style preferences, determination of measurements that will lead you to success.

Thanks to this research process, we can obtain all the information we need and present the definitions to all sides. Once we've received your consent, we'll consider moving to the next step.


The ideal way to start design work is to create a workgroup. In this working group we brainstorm, we bring together all thoughts, ideas and opinions. In this way, we can determine the expectations easily and more accurately. This is the stepping stone for us.

We propound our designs in accordance with our own knowledge and skills. Then we present them for examination and approval. Designs contain original characteristics. Therefore, we find it necessary to get constructive feedback on these designs and to apply to the customer's opinion in order to achieve the required perfect result.


After getting approval of the project scope, style, site map and visual design, we obtain the data to create the system we want. Thanks to our team of being expert on their jobs, we can start our work. We combine the basic system structure with interface, graphic and content components.

We create a demo site with the help of our servers for the review of our development work. This allows the customer to review the site. We improve our work by taking their criticism, feedback and evaluations during the review.

Test Phase and Content

After the site is presented to our customers with the help of our servers, we encourage them to test the site, functions and content. We integrate the functions needed and place the contents into the site. In addition, we inform our customers how to use the system and in a sense we train them.

At this point, we cooperate with the customer and try to ensure that the system is sufficient enough to meet all the targeted requirements. By making the necessary checks, we make sure that the system works as designed in the project.

Starting the Project

After we get confirmation from you, we place the site on its real server and check that everything is working properly. We make all checks to ensure that site analyzes are being followed. We want to be sure that the site's goals and key performance indicators are being followed.

Finally, we arrange a meeting with the client for review and evaluation. Through this meeting, we try to be sure that everything works properly. At the same time, we extend the scope of the evaluation to determine if further studies are needed.


After the site is published, we present our support role. We respond to any problems that may arise during the warranty period and make the necessary revisions.

In addition, we can offer a variety of support services, from regular monthly updates to monthly support contracts and urgent matters.